10 Ways to Optimize Your Home for a Luxury Staycation

Aug 1, 2021

It’s no surprise that holiday travel for Canadians is the lowest it’s been for as long as we have data.1 Last year’s vacations were cancelled, so Canadians are getting creative about how to unwind, get away, and have fun. For many, that means a staycation.

If the idea of staying home for a vacation sounds less than appealing, read on. You can optimize your home for an indulgent staycation that feels as much like an escape as a beach-side fiesta or a Mediterranean cruise.

Your Favorite Vacation

Before embarking on a project to transform your home into a luxury resort, think about your favorite vacation spot. What do you love about it? List all the elements that make it your idea of paradise.

Your list might include some of the following:

  • The beach – grass hut and crashing waves
  • The 5-star hotel – complete with an all-day spa
  • The quiet nature retreat – fresh air, trees, plants, flowers, and silence
  • The family-friendly attraction – all-day fun and smiles for everyone

Pinpoint the specific components that make your favorite vacation spot the best, then consider how you can mimic those features at home.

Here are 10 ideas to get you started on transforming your home into your favorite staycation spot.

1. Think “5-Star Hotel”

World-renowned 5-star hotels exude opulence. It’s all in the details. Incorporate some of those details into your home to create the same luxurious feel. Here are a few ideas.

  • High ceilings – for a spacious and open feel
  • Upgraded moldings – add dimension, an artistic flair, or a heritage vibe
  • Splashes of color – bright flower arrangements, throw pillows, garden ornaments, or even a bold feature wall
  • A stocked bar – your at-home cocktail lounge
  • A restaurant-style banquette – in chic leather or upscale upholstery for dining in style

2. Make Your Bedroom Indulgent

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. Every night can feel like a mini vacation with some strategic indulgences.

Remember your boutique hotel stay? Bring that luxurious feel home with things like:

  • Lavish fabrics,
  • Crisp, white sheets,
  • A high-quality memory-foam mattress,
  • A large, king-size bed,
  • Fluffy pillows,
  • Blackout curtains,
  • Air-conditioning,
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors,
  • Aromatherapy, and
  • Flower bouquets.

3. Set up a Spa

De-stress and rejuvenate in your at-home luxury spa. Soothe your body in a freestanding soaker bath, whirlpool tub, steam bath, or spa shower system. Add extra luxury touches with heated flooring and towel warmers.

4. Upgrade to Luxury Lighting

Lighting is crucial to creating the perfect atmosphere. Illuminate garden paths with accent lights and entryways with sconces. Emulate a romantic bistro by stringing up patio lights or adding candles. Automatically transform your outdoor space as the sun sets with smart lights.

5. Have a Home Theater

Sometimes you just need to shut out the world for a couple hours. And sometimes the weather messes up your staycation plans. A home theater means even a blizzard can’t steal your fun!

An indoor home theater takes movie-watching to a whole other level. Close the door to the world outside and be transported by surround sound, a wall-to-wall screen, reclining chairs, and even a popcorn maker and bar.

6. Prepare an Outdoor Oasis

Most vacations mean a lot of time outdoors. Resorts, luxury hotels, and other getaway places have mastered the art of outdoor spaces for you to lounge, entertain, or enjoy the view. These are designed so you don’t want to leave. Creating an equally inviting outdoor oasis in your own yard will be a worthwhile investment.

Quality patio furniture, an arbor or gazebo, or a bedroom balcony all add a touch of extravagance to your outdoor areas.

A screened porch or winterized sunroom expands your indoor space and allows you to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine no matter the weather.

Install a ceiling fan to keep you cool and create a gentle breeze in the summer heat. Add a patio heater so you can enjoy the space as the sun goes down and the seasons change.

Professional landscaping can achieve the manicured look of your favorite vacation spot. Go for flowering shrubs, ornamental trees, flagstone or brick pathways, and flower beds that bloom and beautify all year long.

7. Construct a Play Paradise for the Kids

No vacation is complete without plenty of fun and activity to keep the kids entertained. Create a play paradise by building a treehouse, sandbox, or other play areas. Provide a variety of activities and consider options for cool or rainy weather.

8. Put in a Pool or Pond

Any body of water automatically refreshes and offers a touch of paradise. What’s your water wish?


Your own pool is always open! Install a kiddie pool for little ones, or keep it big and deep for older swimmers. Sand pools are increasingly popular and really bring your favorite beach or nature spot home.

Hot tub

Enjoy a hot soak with a cold drink year-round. A hot tub is a mini-escape that’s good for aching muscles, socializing, and unwinding after a long day – rain, snow, or shine.


If swimming is not your thing, this water feature can provide tranquility. Stock it with fish and decorate with water plants, rocks, and lights to provide the ambience of a nature reserve. It also attracts birds, butterflies, and other beautiful creatures.


At the very least, a fountain can offer soothing sounds and remind you of the gardens, restaurants, or attractions at your favorite vacation spots.

9. Fit a Fire Space

The warmth of a fire invites wonderful memory-making. An outdoor fire area will accommodate hours of relaxation and entertainment.

The casual setting of a rustic firepit and toasty s’mores is reminiscent of childhood, camping, or beach bonfires. Pull up a chair, grab a marshmallow, and spend an evening stargazing.

A more refined outdoor gas fireplace complete with mantel and an easy on/off switch provides an easy, safe, cozy place to curl up on cool nights and unwind.

10. Set up an Outdoor Kitchen

Food is a big part of any vacation. Your staycation might include eating out at local restaurants or ordering in, but a well-equipped outdoor kitchen can make cooking at home equally enjoyable.

Cooking outside keeps the house cool in summer and cuts down on clean-up (something that doesn’t feel very vacation-ish). It’s ideal for entertaining, allowing you to interact with guests as you cook.

For an ideal, fully equipped outdoor kitchen, include:

  • a grill,
  • built-in burners,
  • rotisserie,
  • prep sinks,
  • a mini fridge,
  • wet bar, and even a
  • pizza oven.

Find a Home That Makes You Want to Staycation

The luxury staycation of your dreams is within reach! Remember that list you made of all the reasons your favorite vacation spot is the best? Let Vickie Cooper & Associates find a home with all your staycation requirements. Contact us today!